Sunday, March 23, 2014

Query Only....Synopsis = Spoilers

The void.  Darkness…emptiness…silence…chilling silence.  You cannot imagine it.  You cannot steel yourself to it.  You may think you can, but it gnaws away at you; it deteriorates your very essence, your song.  Nothing escapes its grasp.  Once it reaches you, once you fall into its trap, you cannot escape it.  You may crawl back out, you may free yourself from its murky, purple waters, but still…you are never free, not truly.  The void marked the southern border of the Village.  Its waters were shrouded by a thick, unwavering haze.  Creatures clawed their way up the banks.  Horrible, terrible, twisted creatures attacked the Village.  Only by the strength of the Wandering Bards and the Mockingbirds, the Night Owls and the Nightingales is the Village kept safe.

Ali watched her parents die to a creature from the void.  She was only two years old.  The last words she heard her mother speak made her promise to never use her song for revenge.  She kept that promise.  But things have changed.  She was once content to tend the garden, ignored by those she fed.  Now?  Now, she joins the struggle to protect the Village, to protect her friends.  But she is different.  She can hear the void, she can understand it in ways no one ever could.  She can correct it.

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