Saturday, March 22, 2014

I may have a winner!

The biggest problem I have been having with publishing Silent Symphony was my inability to pitch it. It took a while, but I believe I may have overcome that problem. Surprisingly enough, it came after speaking to someone who just yesterday quit her day job at my work to pursue a full time writing career. More specifically, it came after reading her short story "The Anniversary" on her website.

In every synopsis I wrote previously, I focused on the character development, on emotional changes, instead of the not so underlying plot. In Silent Symphony, the void is the underlying theme throughout the series, yet in my pitch, I mention it as more of an after thought. Sort of a "and she cried...Oh, and the void is destroying everything, but back to the emotional drama..."

In The Anniversary, erotica romance novelist Jesse Pearle, begins her short story about a tattoo artist remembering the death of her lover eight years prior. She focuses on mind-numbing work to distract her from her memories until her lovers best friend walks in the front door for his yearly "how are you doing on this day?" appointment.

Knowing Pearle writes romance, the back of my mind already knows where the story is headed, yet still the words are captivating. Even as the characters launch into inevitable passionate scene, the underlying remembrance of a lost love is still at the forefront of the reader's attention. Pearle does not compromise the story, does not let it slip for an instant, as she fulfills every expectation of a romance story.

I literally closed the website and I opened a Word document to begin the fifth attempt at a successful query. I will upload it tomorrow morning before I go baby shopping. Assuming it goes as well as I hope, I only need to find someone to query, whether it be a publisher or an agent. Anyway, good night world!

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