Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Problems Promoting

The biggest thing holding Silent Symphony back right now is my ability to pitch it, yet everyone who has read it thus far has said it was great. I think my biggest weakness is trying to find selling points others might like that could be marketable, but all I am coming up with is a young adult romance similar to Twilight.

My story is about a girl orphaned and outcast from society at three. She wants nothing more than to tend her garden and be ignored. But when a lost Bard escapes a fate worse than death, she risks her life to save his.

From there, her life begins to snow ball, picking up momentum and stray friends as she hurtles through countless physical, social, and emotional challenges. Using her song as a weapon, she quickly surpasses every expectation. In the end, she follows in her parents' footsteps, braving unparalleled beasts to defend everything she cares about.

The second book unveils the causality behind the greatest threat to the Village, unmasks the one responsible, and forces the party to question their own morality and their loyalties.

The third explores a dichotomy in social structures identifying the mechanisms behind an ancient feud. It evaluates the impacts of technology on a society dominated by magic and exposes the underlying threats the party inadvertently released.

The fourth concludes the series in a cataclysmic battle requiring hard decisions, agonizing sacrifices, brilliant strategic manipulation, and internal coordination. In this final book, the party must decide the fate of two societies, their families, and their own harmonies.

I have the first book done, am about half way through writing the second, and know the major plot points of the remaining two. If only I could find a way to make the first book sound as heart pounding and visually dynamic as it is so someone else would want to read it. Anyone have any successful query letters and synopsis they wouldn't mind sharing?

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